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  • Black woman who does post-production for Discovery Channel
    Sorry for the super-specific headline, but I wanted to be sure it caught your attention. Thank you for helping me find the pub on Foley St. a couple days ago. You were really sweet, quite pretty, and we share a common interest in video production. In case you helped several people find Foley St. that day, I was the American one

  • To the cute guy who served me at the one stop shop just now, I couldn't get enough of your eyes and your swishiness and as I walked away delighted from our flirtation I kicked myself that I hadn't pounced...

  • Heathrow 23 July 2002 - w4m - 40 (Terminal 3 Air Canada Flight)
    I waited for you this July 23st just incase you were able to make it. I have posted messages for you on and Craig'slist Ottawa so I hope you get one of them. I am yours forever. Emma x

Andrea DiCenzo

These photographs are images of people living in New York and London who have posted on the online personal website, in the sub-section of Missed Connections. There has been the emergence of online communication platforms for these sort of occurrences, where two people come into contact with one other somehow, however are unable to exchange contact information. A post is made by an individual trying to bridge whatever gap there is between themselves, and the object of their desire.

Although most missed connections are associated with romance, romantic interest is not indicative of all posts. The text attached to each photograph is how the subject presented it online. The text has not been altered.