London College of Communication
MA Photography

Awards & Prizes

  • Moving sheets

  • Blue hands

  • A Certain Distance

  • Trip I

  • Leave Home I

  • Video Call

  • Leave Home II

  • Two-Sided

  • Leave Home III

  • Me Too

  • Trip II

  • In-Between

  • Trip III

  • Going Back

David Bru


Whilst living a long-distance relationship with a continuous change of place, a feeling of strangeness along with nostalgia, injects a kind of rareness into the ordinary. Everyday things, usually perceived as familiar by the couple, suddenly become unsettling.

The pictures illustrate a different range of moods, the majority about fear and a melancholic perception of my surroundings.

The title makes reference to the concept of disreality, as mentioned by Barthes, when two lovers are apart: "a sentiment of absence and withdrawal of reality experienced by the amorous subject, confronting the world".