London College of Communication
MA Photography

Awards & Prizes

  • Zuzana, portrait

  • Zuzana, motion

  • Vladislava, portrait

  • Vladislava, motion

  • Brenna, portrait

  • Brenna, motion

  • Chloe, portrait

  • Chloe, motion

Ekaterina Petrova

Fragile Frame

I embarked on this project with the hope of exploring the dual nature of a ballerina. On one hand we have the stereotypical and dominating view, that of the ballerina representing amazing grace and beauty, a symbol of femininity. On the other hand, the aspect of ballet that is much less considered and almost taken for granted is the actual individual and the immense amount of dedication and strength that is needed in order to succeed in this profession. The photographs are therefore presented as diptychs, with the portraits showing the ballerinas as vulnerable individuals and the adjoining images conveying the fulfilment of their commitment.

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