London College of Communication
MA Photography

Awards & Prizes

  • Terminus Olympia 2

  • Terminus Olympia 1

  • Useless Machine 1

  • Useless Machine 2

  • Useless Machine 3

Lee Milne

Leftovers From The Picnic

Leftovers From The Picnic is a selection of images taken from interrelated projects that focus on the changing nature of work and leisure. Using my family's experience combined with broader historical references, I have been exploring the decline of industry and manufacturing in Britain as it becomes more reliant on the less productive service industry. Investigating the resulting effect on communities and landscape has increased my ambiguous feelings towards 'heritage' and regeneration programmes. Interested in cycles of transformation and drawn to the overlooked, obsolete and discarded, my work contrasts nostalgic, melancholic feelings for the past with progressive, aspirational visions for the future.