London College of Communication
MA Photography

Awards & Prizes

  • Eyes Closed

  • Mountain Near Home

  • Shoulders

  • Head Down

  • Torso

  • On the Sore Spot

  • Hand Under Ribs

  • Stretching

  • Arm Against Chest

  • Vertical Lines

  • Mark on Back

  • Illuminated

  • Into the Wheat

  • Staring

Maribel García

Don't let the earth

Whereas love speaks of eternity, when time persists, the ageing of the flesh becomes apparent, instilling fear. Time becomes a stalker that won't let up. And suddenly, your lover's body hurts more than your own. His wrinkles are more terrifying than your own. After ten years with my partner, the urgency suddenly hit me to examine his skin, the timekeeper of his body like the bark of a tree. I wanted to preserve his being from oblivion. Recording his body was like returning to my roots in an attempt to fight time, writing a visual poem to safeguard the only piece of matter where I belong from inevitably disappearing.