London College of Communication
MA Photography

Awards & Prizes

  • Visions

  • Camouflage tree (Baumbeobachter, circa 1917)

  • The orchard (part one)

  • Man is a part of nature

  • Clothed in nature

  • The orchard (part three)

Christopher Down

Visions from Arcadia

Exploring the role of fiction as a tool to unlock and confront the traumatic, I worked over the course of a year with a group of servicemen as they prepared for, became engaged in and subsequently returned from a tour of duty.

By depicting these men alone, enveloped by a vision of Virgil's Arcadia, they seem to step outside of the theatre of war and its potential trauma, into a fictional refuge. Here they are free to surrender to nature and contemplation. Yet, despite the perceived Edenic tranquility there is a sense that something is wrong, for there remains ingrained within this landscape an echo from the histories of war.